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Firefighting Training Center Scan2BIM project completed

Astrolabe Engineering recently completed an important Scan2BIM project for the Firefighting Training Center building complex, located in Nea Makri, Attica, Greece. A former USA military base, the Nea Makri building complex has been since the 1990s under the authority of the Greek Fire Service… Continue Reading “Firefighting Training Center Scan2BIM project completed”

Highway as-built 3D Mapping

Highway as-built 3D mapping & modeling

Tanks 3D Inspection

Tanks 3D inspection & deformation analysis

Plant 3D survey & PDMS Modeling

Plant 3D Survey & PDMS modeling


Training SAUDI UNICOM on mobile mapping

Airport Tarmac Inspection

Airport tarmac 3D inspection & deformation analysis

Railway tunnel 3D survey

Railway tunnel 3D survey & inspection

Road safety 3D modeling

Road 3D survey & modeling for safety audit

Bridge 3D Inspection

Bridge 3D inspection & deformation analysis