Training and On-Project Support


Astrolabe Engineering, based on the experience, know-how and expertise, resulting from the successful completion of numerous projects within the company’s activities, provides training and on-project support services worldwide, to private companies and public bodies and institutions aiming to incorporate in their productive process proven and advanced “start to finish” workflows and practices.


Training and support services provided are tailored to the clients’ specific needs, as a result of a preliminary assessment of their activities, capabilities and project requirements. With our training and support services, our clients are able to:

  • Incorporate in a short time specific technologies and methods, as well as workflows and best practices for the implementation of specific projects.
  • Choose the most appropriate, from both the technical and financial point of view, hardware and software solutions.
  • Create an efficient and productive field and office team, able to elaborate the undertaken projects within a strict and pressing time schedule.
  • Ensure the quality of deliverables and their compliance to specifications.