True 3D Virtual Tours

A fully interactive immersive 3D experience to virtually visit and explore any 3D space


Astrolabe Engineering brings you a game changing technology to capture reality in 3D and quickly generate stunning True 3D Virtual Tours of indoors and outdoors spaces, building floor plans, high-resolution photos and even 3D pointclouds and mesh models. Using the state-of-the-art Matterport Pro3 3D Camera and 3D platform technology, we take professional HDR panoramic photos with 134 MP resolution, and in the same time we record the 3D geometry of any space, with a range of up to 100m, at an accuracy of +/- 20mm @10m!

Forget about 360 panoramic tours! Now, you can interactively navigate inside your 3D space, as if you were really there! See and inspect everything, check every dimension! View the whole space in 3D using the intuitive dollhouse mode and examine each floor’s layout in Floor Plan view! Get additional info from embedded content-rich Labels and Tags! Enrich the user’s experience with Guided Tours and Highlights!

Welcome to the world of True 3D Virtual Tours!

Our featured projects

A selection of Astrolabe Engineering recent 3D Virtual Tour projects, enabling an immersive and content-rich visrtual visit of important places.

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art represents Islamic art from three continents over 1,400 years, housing one of the most comprehensive collections of Islamic art in the world, with masterpieces from every corner of the globe representing the diversity found in Islamic heritage. Designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, MIA’s complex includes a five-storey main building with an adjacent education wing connected by a large central courtyard. The main building features a high domed atrium within a central tower.

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The Archaeological Museum of Delphi

One of the most important museums in Greece, exhibits the history of the Delphic sanctuary, site of the most famous ancient Greek oracle. The museum is housed in a two-storey building with a total surface area of 2270 square metres, with fourteen exhibition rooms.

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Archaeological Museum of Delphi
100 YEARS TO VIMA exhibition

The story of 100 years of the leading Greek newspaper “TO VIMA” unfolds in the unique exhibition “TO VIMA: 100 YEARS OF WRITING HISTORY”. It offers a rare, fascinating journey into Greek and world history, as recorded by the newspaper’s prestigious journalistic signatures in its 100 years of existence.

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The Library of Kalambaka

Kalambaka Library is hosted in the renovated and refurbished building that housed the Municipal Library, in the city center of Kalambaka in Central Greece. The renovated library extends in three levels that have been equipped with new technologies in order to host the developing book collection and provide modern services to people of Kalambaka.

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How our service works


1. Field data collection

Our field crew scans your 3D space. For a typical 100 sq.m. apartment, the scanning time needed would be about 60 minutes. Before scanning the space:

  • Arrange everything as it should appear in the True 3D Virtual Tour.
  • Ensure that no people, animals or objects are moving around your space.
  • Provide good and stable lighting conditions.

2. True 3D Virtual Tour preparation and enhancement

The first version of the True 3D Virtual Tour will be ready in a few hours (depending on the space’s size and complexity) as an online link. It can optionally be enhanced by labels, tags or highlight reels:

  • Labels are short descriptions you can associate with regions in your 3D Space.
  • Tags are used to highlight key features within a space and add context. They include a title and text description anchored right to a point in your space, as well as external links or multimedia objects.
  • A highlight reel is a guided tour, which automatically moves your guest through the space based on a 3D predefined snapshot flow. Guests can stop the tour at any time and explore the space in more detail.
Virtual Tour device compatibility

3. Publish and you are done!

The True 3D Virtual Tour’s link can be directly sent by any messaging service, or posted on your social media. It can also be easilly embedded in any web page, using the HTML code provided. The tour is compatible with any device: phone, tablet, computer, even VR viewers.

4. Get more!

Extract more information and products on demand: Floor plan schematic drawings and orthoimages, high-resolution 2D and panoramic photos, 3D pointclouds and mesh models. Expand your product range by adding more of our 3D Reality Capture and modeling services, depending on your worklfow and requirements.

Matterport additional extracts

Get the feel of it!

You can explore the examples below, to get familiar with the True 3D Virtual Tours interface. It will only take a couple of minutes to get up to speed. Use the icons on the bottom left to Open and Play the highlight reel (if available) and switch between viewing modes: Dollhouse, Explore 3D Space, Floor Plan / Floor Plan Selector, and Measurement. With the icons on the bottom right you can Share the 3D space, View in VR or View Fullscreen. Check out these navigation tips:

True 3D Virtual Tour Navigation Help

A True 3D Virtual Tour link, which you can send to anyone or publish in your social media, looks like this:

And this is how a True 3D Virtual Tour looks like, when embedded in your web page:

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Markets and benefits

Real Estate

  • The global pandemic is changing the way Real Estate sector operates forever. A global shift toward online real estate angency is inevitable.
  • Stand out of the competition! Offer our True 3D Virtual Tour and win your next listing! Our 3D spaces will win over any prospective seller, because they are the most immersive way to experience any home on the market.
  • Turn the seller’s property into an always-open house, and let prospective buyers explore like never before. Photos or floorplans don’t tell the story of how it feels to live in a home. Our True 3D Virtual Tours do!
  • Get all the marketing material you need from one visit! With our technology, apart from the True 3D Virtual Tour, we provide also 2D and panoramic images, promo videos, even schematic floor plans!
  • Sell a property at a higher price – and get an increased commission:
    • By showcasing important features (with labels, tags, etc), that may not be evident in just photo of video form.
    • By giving more potential buyers realistic access to the property, bringing more offers at higher prices.
  • More important facts:
    • More qualified leads: True 3D Virtual Tours ensure only the most genuine potential buyers are progressed, with the ability to weed out tire kickers and time wasters.
    • Quicker sales: Properties with a True 3D Virtual Tour spend lest time on the market.
    • Reduction in unnecessary viewings: More buyers make an offer after just viewing a True 3D virtual tour and not visiting the property, saving agent’s time.
    • A better Google ranking: True 3D Virtual Tours keep people on web pages longer and increase customer engagement, when used as part of an online listing – both of which will help your Google ranking.

Travel and Hospitality

  • From vacation rentals, to hotels and event spaces, you can elevate the promotion of your business with our True 3D Virtual Tours that increase bookings, drive higher occupancy rates, and increase engagement rates.
  • A true 3D walkthrough enables your guests to experience your property as if they were really there, going far beyond photographs and 360 tours, helping your property stand out from the competition.
  • Your potential guests know what they are seeing online is actually how a space will look in real-life. By providing the most realistic representation possible, guests feel more confident and more likely to book.
  • Embed your 3D space on your website, increase web engagement, conversion to bookings, and positive customer reviews.
  • Attract event planners with more informed booking decisions by offering a fully immersive, fully detailed 3D vision of the perfect venue.
  • Publish to Google Street View – give people the tour, straight from Google Search. Upload the imagery to GSV, associate the imagery to the correct business in GSV, geolocate the property accurately on Google Maps.

Museums and Exhibitions

  • During the pandemic, public access to museums and exhibitions has been closed or severely restricted. However, these collections are meant to be enjoyed. Fortunately, many museums and exhibits tend to open to the public in a new way: virtual tours.
  • A new trend is emerging, which most likely will affect the way people will access museums and exhibitions in the future, and even help renew the related public interest.
  • Our True 3D Virtual Tours are the perfect tool to create a fully interactive immersive 3D cultural, educational and engaging experience for the virtual visitor, being the closest substitute – and in some cases better – to a real life visit.
  • The visitor’s experience can be enhanced with rich-content tags, including multi-language text descriptions, sound or video multimedia and links to external references.
  • A highlight reel (a predefined visit scenario) can also be added, which automatically moves the visitor through the museum or exhibition, based on a 3D snapshot flow. Visitors can stop the tour at any time and explore the space in more detail.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • Our 3D data capture methodology is a powerful, accurate, and quick way to document a building or property.
  • Use 3D walkthroughs and guide anyone immediately to a True 3D virtual site tour.
    • Communicate key milestones quickly and effectively by eliminating travel time, and by sharing and annotating in the model.
    • Use tags to highlight important issues or features, needing the team’s attention.
    • Perform remote inspections, measure while offsite, and reduce site visits by capturing all data the first time.
  • Perform quick repetitive 3D surveys to monitor a construction site’s progress.
  • Extract on demand geometry information as a 3D pointcloud or a 3D mesh model and convert to BIM or 2D CAD drawings.
  • Overlay your pointcloud onto your design 3D model to conduct verification.
  • Get reflected floor and ceiling orthoimages and schematic floor plans.
  • Expand your product range by adding more of our 3D Reality Capture and modeling services, depending on your worklfow and requirements.

Facilities Management

  • A True 3D Virtual Tour is the most efficient and effective method to survey your existing facility and report on the building layouts and conditions to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans.
  • Reduce the time needed to create building layouts without compromising the ongoing functionality of the property.
  • A True 3D digital twin gives immersive access to critical facility intelligence, including accurate measurements of the structure and dimensions of the equipment within.
  • Replace time-consuming manual measurements with a 3D pointcloud or mesh model, that can be imported directly into your BIM software.
  • Design modifications and upgrades into your 3D render to see how things will work before beginning construction.
  • Capture dimensional data to document structure, above ground utilities, and equipment.
  • Eliminate hand-drawn sketches and reduce the time it takes to deliver floor plans.
  • Improve collaboration between distant teams with a digital twin, accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Save time and money by eliminating equipment clashes and change orders due to inaccurate site plans, while performing retrofits and remodels for specific sections of your facility.
  • Create equipment inventory and keep track of maintenance. Easily share with your maintenance personnel.
  • Share a 3D walkthrough of your facilities with new or visiting employees, so they can quickly understand your space. Allow new employees to learn the logistics of an office or facility quickly and easily. Educate new employees on complex facilities — especially in hard to reach or potentially dangerous areas.
  • Use True 3D Virtual Tours to optimize your emergency planning & response. Increase situational awareness for employees and first responders in case of an emergency. Create complete schematic floor plans, plan emergency routes and response strategies.


  • Our True 3D Virtual Tours provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and efficient loss documentation for insurance professionals.
  • Reduce time spent processing claims and rectifying discrepancies with comprehensive 3D imagery and the ability to add additional notes and details with tags.
  • Maintain accurate, updatable documentation throughout the insurance cycle.
  • Generate court-admissible documentation for insurance adjusters that saves time.
  • Keep detailed and immersive documentation for forensics professionals.
  • Obtain accurate claims documentation for home and business owners.

Retail Stores

  • Our True 3D Virtual Tours can help simplify store management and create a consistent shopping experience both online and in-store for customers.
  • While most customers are shopping online due to safety concerns, about 70% expressed missing the physical experience of walking around the store and browsing product displays. All those would prefer to shop in a 3D virtual store.
  • Automatically generate guided 3D tours to walk your customers through the store highlights.
  • Add tags to integrate product details and links to buy.
  • Publish to Google Street View to connect with local customers looking for nearby stores.

Home Owners

  • True 3D Virtual Tours are not just for the pros. Many homeowners and renters want to create immersive digital twins of their homes, to help them with design and improvement projects, document their possessions for insurance, preserve memories, or just to share. 
  • Instantly capture and share any space to drive rentals, e-commerce, home sales and more.
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