To fulfill the requirements of specific vertical market sectors, we have developed tailored B2B solutions, as customized combinations of our products and services

3D Building Documentation – Scan to Cad – Scan to BIM

Astrolabe Engineering provides a complete solution and product range related to the as-built surveying of existing buildings, building complexes, surrounding spaces, etc. A flexible approach allows for tailor-made methodology and deliverables, fitted to any workflow, requirement and budget.

True 3D Virtual Tours Measure-Tag-Label-Tour

True 3D Virtual Tours

Using state-of-the-art panoramic cameras and our extensive know-how in reality capture, we make it easy and fast to create immersive 3D digital twins of any space, ideal for Real Estate listings, virtual Museums and Exhibitions, Architecture & Construction support, Facilities management, and more.

Apollo Temple Delphi Phantom4RTK

3D Cultural Heritage Documentation

Having worked in the Cultural Heritage documentation sector, together with several archaeological authorities and bodies, for more than 25 years, we combine photogrammetric and 3d scanning sensors, techniques and methods to efficiently capture, digitize and model any cultural object and site and produce customized deliverables for any purpose, from documentation and restoration to visualization and VR – AR applications.

Vessel 3D scanning

3D Marine Surveys

Ready to mobilize woldwide and with more than 200 projects accomplished, we provide high-quality 3D scanning services on vessels for any marine application: Ballast Water Treatment and Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Scrubbing retrofits, hull inspection, naval design, damage documentation and more. From sailing boats and yaghts to tankers and bulk carriers, we scan any vessel part and deliver ship-referenced colorized pointclouds in various ready-to process formats.