Cadastral projects have been a core activity of Astrolabe Engineering since its founding, through its involvement in various Greek National Cadastre projects (Cadastral Studies and provision of related cadastral office operation services for the creation of National Cadastre).

Through these activities we have developed our expertise and know-how on the specific technical and legal requirements the project implies and we have evolved our workflows, methodologies and tools to ensure the timely and successful completion of large-scale cadastral projects. The company has been active in the development of specialized software solutions based on GIS and RDBMS platforms to efficiently support the elaboration of the projects.

Apart from the Greek National Cadastre, for every project which demands surveying, registration, management or arrangement of properties, Astrolabe Engineering offers total solution services including:

  • Cadastral mapping and cadastral databases development
  • Development of Land Information Systems
  • Cadastral surveys for expropriation and compensation purposes
  • Property Management applications


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In summary, for the pilot and first main phase of Greek Cadastre we have processed more than 200.000 legal rights on 60.000 parcels and completed projects in 8 municipalities within the Greek territory:

  • Greek Cadastral project A0-30 (3 municipalities in Rethimno prefecture)
  • Greek Cadastral project M1-09 (5 municipalities in Kozani and Florina prefectures)

Since 2015, Astrolabe Engineering,  as a partner of Ktimatognomon II J/V, is working on KT2-08 cadastral project in Pella and Skydra wider municipalities (39 local communities, 62 settlements) of Pella prefecture, with more than 300.000 estimated legal rights. For the project’s needs the J/V has engaged highly trained personnel on site and in our main offices, as well as specific cadastral software. We have also developed an innovative website using advanced web applications to offer a variety of on-line services to the project’s stake holders: