Firefighting Training Center Scan2BIM project completed

Astrolabe Engineering recently completed an important Scan2BIM project for the Firefighting Training Center building complex, located in Nea Makri, Attica, Greece. A former USA military base, the Nea Makri building complex has been since the 1990s under the authority of the Greek Fire Service (FS).

In the summer of 2018, in the aftermath of the devastating fires that hit Greece and cost the lives of more than a hundred of citizens, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) had announced a donation of € 25,000,000 to support the FS. The construction of a fully specialized and equipped training center for the training of FS employees was set as a priority, the creation of which had been a confirmed and ongoing need since the establishment of the Service (1930). With the donation of the SFN, the fulfillment of this need will become a reality at the facilities of the former USA base in Nea Makri.

A team of experts from the architectural firm Betaplan SA determined the scope and cost of construction work at the training center based on the technical specifications drafted by the FS. Additional technical specifications for the use and operation of the center have also been defined. The total cost for the creation of the training center is estimated to reach € 15,300,000.

The FS and Betaplan SA on January 2020 signed a contract for the elaboration of the “Complete Design and Supervision of the Fire Service Training Center in Nea Makri”. As part of this main contract, Betaplan SA hired Astrolabe Engineering as a sub-contractor for the Survey of the as-built condition of the buildings.

Astrolabe Engineering performed a detailed 3D laser scanning survey of 21 existing building in total, which, in combination with additional detailed measurements, enabled the generation of 3D Building Information Models (BIM), detail drawings and inspection maps of the structural metallic frames per building. These deliverables are already being used as a background for all subsequent design (architectural, structural, etc) and construction activities under the main contract.

A detailed case study will be availabe on our website’s related section soon. Check out some sample images!