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3D Laser Scanning

  • 3d laser scanning is a method of spatial data collection from a distance (non-contact).
  • It is based on LiDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging): detection and positioning of objects by sending and receiving a laser beam.
  • A Laser Scanner is similar to a highly automated topographic Total Station, but is able to measure up to 1 million points per second.
  • Beam is deflected by mirrors to scan the whole object with the required density / resolution.
  • Immediate product: a cloud of measured points (pointcloud) with additional grey-scaled intensity or RGB color information for each point (x,y,z,i) or (x,y,z,r,g,b).
  • It brings reality to desktop.
  • Benefits

    • Extremely fast 3D geometry capture on the field, with concurrent color information recording.
    • Incomparable density / level of detail, especially suitable for complex and irregular objects.
    • Highly accurate and reliable. Accuracy enhanced by oversampling and total geometry capture.
    • Suitable for objects of any size, morphology and complexity.
    • Can be applied for inaccessible / unreachable objects (non-contact method).
    • Produces a wide range of highly reliable & detailed deliverables at a low cost.
    • Fields of application

      • Infrastructure works (highways & roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc.)
      • Earthworks / Mining
      • Archaeology / Cultural heritage
      • Industrial (plants, refineries, pylons, cables, equipment, etc)
      • Marine (ships & vessels, engine rooms, pump rooms, decks, equipment, etc)
      • Geological & geotechnical (geological formations, slopes, landslides, etc)
      • Urban planning / City modelling
      • Forensic reconstruction and analysis
      • Visual Effects / Entertainment / Virtual Reality
      • Forestry
      • Products

        • 3D colored and georeferenced pointclouds
        • 360° panoramic images enabled for direct measurement extraction
        • Orthophotos
        • Sections at any position and orientation / contour li
        • Multiple measurements / Volume – cut & fill calculation
        • Geometric shapes – primitives exported in CAD drawings
        • DTMs and 3D meshes
        • Intelligent 3D models (BIM, PDMS, etc)
        • Inspection and comparison analysis results (maps, statistics reports)
        • Videos of 3D pointcloud and models

3D Laser Scanning

Overview Astrolabe Engineering has been intensively engaged in activities related to 3D laser scanning and LiDAR technology since 2005. Over the years, our know-how and expertise has grown to cover different aspects of the technology in every possible field of application. 3D Laser Scanning is now considered… Continue Reading “3D Laser Scanning”